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Not too long ago, we had an injured car accident victim meet with one of our Langley personal injury lawyers for a free consultation (which we offer you as well).

Happy womanWe asked about their injuries, their work situation and how the car accident happened.  In a nutshell, they told us it was a rear-end crash that caused a shoulder injury and that ICBC’s final offer to settle their claim was $6,000.

We suggested to hold off accepting the $6,000.  Once an ICBC offer is accepted, there’s no going back.  Although there were strict deadlines involved (as there are in your case), we noted those deadlines and suggested this person let us investigate the injuries.

What our injury lawyer discovered was astonishing.  

After reviewing the medical file, our injury attorney on the case determined that $6,000 was not enough … not by a longshot.  We suggested the client NOT accept the ICBC offer and let us do what we do to persuade ICBC that $6,000 simply was not enough.

How did this case end up?

After scheduling our client with our medical experts, who confirmed that the shoulder injury was significant … much worse than $6,000 worth of compensation, we negotiated a $90,000 settlement.

What if you don’t have an offer from ICBC yet?  

It’s still a good idea to get a free ICBC injury claim evaluation from us.  It’s often harder to persuade ICBC to change their mind once they make an offer than giving ICBC OUR ASSESSMENT of the case and using that as a starting point to arrive at a settlement.

For cases like the above, we strongly urge you to talk to us about your claim.



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ICBC is NOT on your side … but we can be!

There’s More …

In fact, there are 4 Reasons For You to Schedule a Free Claim Evaluation:

happy coupleICBC is NOT on your side.  Your compensation is paid from another policy, which is most likely an ICBC policy.

ICBC will only pay compensation if you prove you are entitled to it.  Proving your injuries and losses requires much more than getting some treatment and giving ICBC a statement.

1.  You Don’t Want to Settle Too Early

ICBC often makes early offers for car accident and other traffic injury victims … while people are still getting treatment.  If you’re getting treatment, it’s too early to settle.  It’s never in your best legal interests to settle early.

Once you settle, there’s no going back.

2.  Get Help with Treatment

You have an obligation to get treatment if it’s recommended.  Moreover, without treatment, you’ll have a hard time proving that you’re hurt.

We can help with your treatment costs in the event we take on your case.  Talk to us.  Depending on your injuries, we can help you get top treatment with some of the best medical specialists.

3.  You Don’t Have Properly Written Medical Reports

Getting treatment isn’t enough.  You need your doctor(s) to write a properly written report.

Many cases are improved by scheduling private examinations with specialists.

 4. You CANNOT Miss IMPORTANT Deadlines

Your injury claim has deadlines.  If you miss them, you will likely receive nothing.

Talk to us about your case and we can tell you about IMPORTANT deadlines.

Who are we?

Our ICBC lawyers have helped thousands of injured clients with ICBC claims.  With 5 attorneys, we’re one of the largest injury firms in the Fraser Valley.  Our firm grew helping one injured victim at a time.We grew to one of the injury legal teams in Langley because we get results.  We find that many clients refer people to us all the time, which is a great testament to our dedication to our clients.

Where Are We?




Horse farm in LangleyWe want to tell you what ICBC doesn’t want you to know.  We want to answer your questions.  We’ll do all this for free.  You have no obligation to hire us if you schedule a free consultation.

If you decide to retain us, like many before you, we won’t charge you a fee unless we recover money from ICBC for you.  Only then will we charge a fee.

Consider this …

ICBC is your insurance company, but are they on your side?

Did you know ICBC likely insured the driver that hurt you?

ICBC insures you, but they don’t necessarily want to pay you what your car accident injury claim is worth.  After all, they’re the insurer for the negligent driver as well.

Not persuaded?

Did ICBC inform you at any time that there’s a deadline for starting your lawsuit?

Did you know that if you don’t resolve your case before that deadline and don’t start a lawsuit, you get nothing?

We suspect your answer is “no”.

Would our client above have received fair compensation from ICBC alone?  Remember the $6,000 offer?

Absolutely not.

You’ll find that our injury law firm will tell you what you need to know.  WE CAN HELP.  We’ll answer your questions.

ICBC Focuses on Keeping Rates Low

Notice how ICBC’s goal is to keep rates low. This isn’t always bad, but it should not be at the cost of paying fair compensation for injury victims … and that’s where we can help.

BUT … it’s not necessarily injured victims who cost the corporation. Check out this startling video about ICBC: